Pediatric Compounding

Pediatric Compounding

Do You Want a Better Way to Give Your Child Medicine?

It’s no secret that most kids don’t like taking medicine. There’s nothing fun about being sick, and taking medicine just seems to make it worse. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While there’s no guarantee that taking medicine ever will become an entirely pleasurable event, there are some ways to help.

One of the best involves contemporary pharmacy compounding, the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. From flavoring medications to make them taste better, to providing individualized strengths and dosage forms, a compounding pharmacist can help make medication time easier and less stressful for your child – and you!

Pediatric Compounding - More Effective Than A Spoonful of Sugar

Children are especially suited for custom compounded prescriptions. For various reasons, commercially manufactured drug forms sometimes may not meet the needs of every child. Compounding can benefit young patients in a variety of ways.

Working closely with a compounding pharmacist, your child’s pediatrician can prescribe medications for:

  • Pain relief

  • Respiratory disorders

  • Oral thrush

  • Diabetes

  • Head lice
  • Diaper rash

  • Skin disorders

  • Cold sores/fever blisters

  • And much more!
    Pediatric Compounding

    Flavored Medicine

    Many children refuse medication because of its texture or color, or simply because they know it is medicine. The child who refuses to take his or her medicine because of the taste is a prime candidate for compounded medication.

    Many medications can be transformed into colorful, pleasantly flavored dosage forms, which are dispensed in childproof packaging. Dozens of enticing flavors are available to compounding pharmacists, who can enhance the taste and color of a medication without changing the medication’s effectiveness.

    Unique Dosage Forms

      Many children have a very difficult time swallowing capsules or tablets, especially if they have to take more than one medication during the day. To solve this problem, your pediatrician and Freeland Brown Pharmacy can develop and prepare medications in alternate dosage forms your child won’t mind taking. These include:

      • Lollipops
      • Gummy treats
      • Topical gels
      • Effervescent drinks

      Some compounded medications can be administered using special pacifiers or bottles for infants – and most can be administered in any number of great flavors.

      Strength and Ingredient Variations

      Each child is unique. Children differ in size and individual needs. Some have allergies and varying drug tolerances, requiring medications which are sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, or dye-free. As a result, can be a challenge to find a commercially available medication suitable for your child’s individual needs. At Freeland Brown Pharmacy we will work closely with your pediatrician and formulate a medication which meets all your child’s requirements.

      Other Pediatric challenges Freeland Brown Pharmacy can help solve:

      One obvious challenge with dental-related medication is the involvement of the taste buds – some dental rinses, solutions and gels have an unpleasant flavor. A compounding pharmacist can help the medicine taste better without changing its vital properties and performance. For instance, a bitter pain reliever can be enhanced with chocolate flavor to make it taste better, and children will be glad to take a topical oral anesthetic if it’s delivered through a cherry-flavored lollipop.

      From cosmetic medications like bleaching gels to unique formulations to treat oral ulcers or gum disease, compounding can have benefits for all areas of dental medicine.

      A caring dental practitioner working closely with our compounding pharmacists can provide the compassionate, customized care a patient deserves.

      Compounded medications can help dental patients smile again! Ask your dentist or our pharmacists about personalized compounding today.